Supply chain coordination snags Airbus and Boeing

Although airlines in general are having a hard time turning a profit now, there remains brisk demand for new aircraft from Airbus and Boeing. (Possibly because new aircraft are more fuel efficient.)

With a full backlog and a price tag around $200 million per aircraft, these companies do not want to delay delivery of any new aircraft.  But apparently they have had to park nearly finished aircraft due to some missing parts. For example, Boeing couldn’t deliver several 777s to Emirates because they didn’t received customized galleys from Snell, a German producer. 

The problem is that Snell didn’t anticipate the increase in volume and consequently didn’t build enough capacity. This is a good example of how a supplier’s capacity decision can have significant financial consequences for a buyer.

Wall Street Journal, Aug 8, 2008 – Lack of Seats, Galleys Delays Boeing, Airbus


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